Want more?

If you want to get involved, take a look behind the scenes, get access to project files and source footage or just want to show your support, you're in the right place! Pick the option that best works for you and get access to amazing perks.



Access to the Polls&Suggestions channel, the WIP/preview channel and the Links channel. Get involved in the PMV creation process and vote on PMV themes. Also gives access to uncompressed MOV exports.

  • Work-in-progress previews

  • HQ/Uncompressed exports

  • Vote on polls about themes, editing choices and more

Get noodler



Get access to all of the Noodler perks, as well as all of the source files for every PMV and the After Effects project files

  • Everything in Noodler

  • Project file access

  • Source footage access

Get connoisseur



For if you really like the content and just want to show your support. Get access to all of the Noodler/Connoiseur perks, but also adds the "Legend" role, because that's what you are. A legend. Oh, and also, custom edits.

  • Everything in Connoisseur

  • My eternal thankfulness

  • Save up 10 seconds for a custom edit every month*

    * e.g. you can save up for 3 months and claim a 30s edit, or save up for a year to get a custom 2,5 minute PMV!
    NoodleDude reserves the right to deny a request if he can't guarantuee to make it work (read FAQ)
Get Legend